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Acrylic stool by what can attract the eye of the guests?

Release time:2023-11-09 Page view:32

Acrylic stool by what can attract the eye of the guests?

At present, acrylic display rack is widely used. Acrylic display stands are available in various forms. What are the specific manifestations? Today, male Cloth Display, a manufacturer of acrylic, tells you about it.

1. Acrylic display rack has very little change to the external environment: the product has very little protection to the built-in light source, very long service life when used, and very good effect when used.

2. Acrylic display rack has high transparency. From the current perspective, the acrylic display stand is transparent, colorful, as beautiful as crystal, dazzling.

3 acrylic display frame flame retardant: acrylic display frame high flame retardant, the general melting point is about 260 degrees, so the flame retardant is good.

4. Acrylic display rack aesthetics: exquisite workmanship, the overall font mirror effect, the surface is not rough, seamless production, no exposed rivets and fasteners.

There are still many advantages of acrylic display rack. When using, we need to know about it. When customizing, we should consider the change of environment, so we should choose our favorite color and material when using.

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