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Acrylic display rack transportation and storage precautions?

Release time:2023-11-09 Page view:35

Acrylic display rack transportation and storage precautions? Acrylic is organic glass, products made of various supplies or some parts, especially acrylic display rack, everyone is in use, can also be used according to different needs. Acrylic display rack manufacturers should pay attention to what problems when transporting and storing acrylic display racks.

First of all, I'd like to state that this plexiglass contains certain ingredients. While this material has many advantages, there are also many caveats. In particular, you are not allowed to stack with certain things, or there will be some chemical reactions. It can't bond with organic solvents, let alone come into contact with them. Otherwise, the luminous surface will have some marks, even corrosion

Secondly, acrylic display rack factory, will stick a layer of protective film or paper on the surface of plexiglass. The purpose of this is to prevent friction and damage during transport or handling so that it will not be torn off or damaged

In addition, the temperature of the storage or stacking site should be clearly known and the ambient temperature should not exceed 85 degrees. Acrylic display rack in this temperature for a long time. Over a long period of time, the acrylic acid reacts, changing the internal molecules and causing the acrylic acid to deform. In addition, the installation should also consider the temperature. Due to the thermal expansion of acrylic (plexiglass) products, this coefficient of thermal expansion must be taken into account and reserved space must be provided to avoid clogging.

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