How to detect the hardness of the acrylic display rack
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How to detect the hardness of the acrylic display rack _ Where is Beijing custom-made acrylic display rack, where is the acrylic display stand manufacturer in Beijing? Please look for the male cloth display products.

Plexiglass products mainly reflect the quality of the appearance through visual inspection points such as transparency, brightness and surface finish, but some strength requirements are often ignored by ordinary buyers or users. The surface hardness and toughness of plexiglass products are two important strength indicators. The so-called hardness refers to the hardness of the object. Natural materials have high hardness and can be used to cut hard glass. Toughness is the ability of an object to return to its original state after deformation. Although diamonds are hard but have low toughness, they are easily broken. The hardness of plexiglass products is not high, but the toughness is good. The bending ability after heating is stronger than that of glass, but the surface is not hardened by tempered glass.

How does hardness and toughness relate to the quality of plexiglass products? The higher the surface hardness of plexiglass products, the higher the scratch resistance; the better the toughness, the less likely it is to break. If some poor quality plexiglass products are processed repeatedly and aged yellowing, the toughness of the product. Very poor, a little hard will break, and I can't stand it. Hardness is one of the hard indicators for evaluating the quality of plexiglass products. The plexiglass products produced by the casting process have higher hardness indexes than the plexiglass products produced by the extrusion process, and the average hardness can reach 90 degrees.

Is there any simpler, more intuitive and life-friendly test method for surface hardness than testing with a professional Rockwell hardness tester? In fact, many factories do not use the professional hardness tester to accurately detect the surface hardness of plexiglass products. Instead, they use a relatively simple comparison method: use a pencil on the surface of plexiglass products with a force of about 1KG and use an eraser. After wiping clean, look at the surface for obvious traces. According to the label of the pencil, the hardness of the surface of the plexiglass product is distinguished. The surface hardness of the plexiglass product is generally divided into 2B, 1B, HB, H, 2H, 3H, which can be achieved. 3H surface hardness of plexiglass products is quite high hardness.

Look at the thickness of the acrylic sheet

People who often deal with acrylic products know that the finished products on the market generally have tolerances. Some businesses cut corners and some are inevitable errors in machine cutting.

Tip: The better the plexiglass, the smaller the tolerance of the thickness, which can be determined according to your own needs. If you are doing some crafts gifts, display stands, display supplies, this does not have to be considered. However, if you want to do some lens panels, product accessories, etc., you must determine the relevant standards in advance with the manufacturer.