What are the methods of processing acrylic display racks?
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What are the methods of processing acrylic display racks? Shenzhen where there are acrylic processing plants

Now whether we buy a mobile phone or buy a skin care product, we will see a lot of display stands to display these products. Most of these display frames are made of acrylic. Acrylic display stands are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, famous cigarettes, and famous wines. , pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies and other products, display stand by the attention of the majority of customers and green, etc., then what is the acrylic display stand?

Acrylic display stand is also known as product display stand, promotional stand, portable display and data stand. Acrylic display stand refers to crafts or consumer goods made of acrylic materials according to their good characteristics, because acrylic products have high transparency and low price. Advantages of machining, so acrylic products are widely used, and acrylic products can be seen everywhere in our lives;

First, the heating method: Dongguan Xiongbu display stand manufacturer commissioner said that this method, as the name suggests, is to first heat the acrylic raw materials to a soft state, and then directly processed by the processing workers by hand. Producers should have a solid shape in the design of the acrylic display rack, and move quickly and in one go. Most of the products made by this method have the advantages of smooth lines and simple shape.

Second, the section method: Dongguan Xiongbu display stand manufacturer commissioner said that the acrylic blocks of different colors are repeatedly glued together, and then directly cut the cross-section into shape. Acrylic products made by this method vary in color and color, and the finished products often give a very beautiful visual effect.

Third, the shaping method: In fact, this method is to melt the acrylic material and then use the existing mold to form. The acrylic crafts made by this method are full of body, smooth lines, strong three-dimensional and embossed texture, and are widely used in the production of acrylic crafts.

Fourth, the splicing method: the acrylic blocks of different colors are cut into the required geometry, and then mosaic on the bottom plate. This method requires strict splicing between the acrylic blocks, sharp edges and corners, strong color and abstract style of the finished product, and the finished product is beautiful.

Dongguan Xiongbu Acrylic display stand manufacturers believe that in the design and production of acrylic display stand, in addition to the selection of materials is a relatively important link, as well as the method of production in the production process is also very important. Therefore, while ensuring the material of the product, in the production process, it must be considered what method is chosen to make the problem of processing the acrylic display frame; thus achieving the best results.