Yàkèlì fāguāng biāozhì pái dìngzhì,LED fāguāng zì xiàng guān zhīshì nǐ liǎojiě duōshǎo? LED fāguāng
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Acrylic illuminated signage customization, LED lighting word related knowledge, how much do you know?

The concept of LED letters:

The LED luminous word is a luminous font made by using a light-emitting diode as a light source.

LED luminous word production:

Use the "easy word system"! It is specially used for the production of LED luminous characters in the advertising sign industry: the easy word system mainly includes two parts: the easy word software EZLetter 3.0 and the easy word printer. The process of using the easy word system to produce luminous characters is as follows: 1. Input the graphic file of the word into the easy word software, and the easy word software will automatically calculate the position, angle and direction of the bending and cutting teeth, and pass the easy word printer. Print out on self-adhesive paper. 2. Stick the already printed self-adhesive paper on the material of the word, and you can quickly and accurately cut and bend the paper. 3. Then arrange the relevant LED light-emitting diodes according to the template of the word, and turn on the power. Use this method to make words, big

Greatly saves production time and improves production accuracy. The easy word system is also suitable for the production of neon luminous characters, plastic three-dimensional characters, copper characters, iron characters and stainless steel characters.

The function of plastic sign making:

First, the PVC plastic signage has the function of marking and warning. The PVC signage mainly expresses its function through vision. such as:

Text communication, pattern communication, and symbols are symbolic, direction, warning, indicative, and so on.

There are two kinds of plastic signs, frosted PVC and transparent PVC, which are self-adhesive and firmly adhered.

Second, acrylic signs have symbolic, representative, image, advertising and other functions, used for employee badges, job identification, products

The number, the restaurant table number, mainly plays a role in identification and promotion.

Third, injection molding plastic signage is a product information communication, which has the function of advertising and publicity. Generally used in commercial products and work

Industry products, as a brand of publicity. Mainly divided into: soft plastic injection and hard plastic injection