How is the acrylic sign bent?
writer:xbdisplay           time:2019-07-17 21:59:28

How is the acrylic sign bent?

      Acrylic bending is also called hot bending. It refers to baking acrylic into a high-temperature oven until it is softened, and then placed on a curved mold. After cooling, it has a shape. The bending process of the acrylic sign is made on the hot bending machine.

      It is necessary to pay attention to the bending process. The hot bending part must be accurately determined. It must be strictly in accordance with the dimensions on the drawing, and it should be ensured that the heating part is heated evenly during the heating process, so that the folded appearance can be beautiful. accurate. Our factory is undergoing a hot bending process. Because it is an overall hot bend, the oven is used. The acrylic material and the mold are placed together in the oven. When a certain temperature is reached, the acrylic will adhere to the mold.

      Through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of how the acrylic sign is bent. In addition, the male cloth display also reminds everyone that if the operation is improper during bending, not only will the desired effect be achieved, but also the lifting deformation will occur. The occurrence of warping deformation not only causes waste of materials and working hours, but also seriously causes scrapping of products. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the bending operation of Changan Acrylic sign to avoid problems.

      Folding: This is a straight-line method for plexiglass. The method is to place the ruler on the plate to be cut, the edge of the ruler coincides with the cutting line, and the ruler is fixed. Use a hook knife (a tool specially designed for scribing, available at the tool shop) to draw along the edge of the ruler, and a thin groove will be drawn at the place where the plate is to be cut. When the depth of the groove is about half the thickness, it can be folded. . When folding, the plate should be moved so that the narrow groove drawn by the hook coincides with the edge of the table. One hand presses the plate on the table, the other hand holds the plate outside the table, and the palm is pressed down quickly. The plexiglass will be broken neatly from the position of the hook.