Make an acrylic tissue box to bring together the love of the children
writer:xbdisplay           time:2019-07-17 21:52:19

Recently, a message “Natural napkins made by disabled students, who have the need for three-dimensional embroidery can be customized” has attracted attention in the WeChat circle of friends, and many loved ones have forwarded them. However, at the same time of forwarding, everyone also raised doubts: "How can I forward it once in a while?" "The text is too simple, there is no contact phone number, and there is no way to contact the love..." To understand the mystery, the reporter contacted. The publisher of this message. Handmade is rehabilitation training

Ouyang Jinling, the teacher of Xiyuan Sunshine Home Day Care Station on Haibin Street, is the editor and publisher of the newsletter “Today for the disabled students”. “For the children’s rehabilitation training and let them get a sense of accomplishment, we have not interrupted the manual production. Since 2009 we have been looking for a series of manual processing activities, initially contacted the factory, but the output is too low to supply Factory demand, we can only give up for a while.” Ouyang teacher introduced, “After giving up the factory order production, we started our own innovation road. From cloth stickers, diamond paintings, to the current acrylic tissue box, The children are doing the same."

Haiyuan Street Xiyuan Sunshine Home Day Care Station was established in May 2009. It mainly recruits socially disabled and intellectually disabled social workers in the second, third and fourth grades of the oilfield area. There are currently 15 students. Teacher Ouyang told reporters that the children here are not coordinated, so from the beginning of the establishment of the station, the teachers wanted to use a kind of ability to train children to use their brain skills, but also to let children get a sense of accomplishment and let the children earn Some pocket money methods for rehabilitation training.

“Last year we sold more than 40 acrylic tissue boxes, and the children were particularly happy when they got the money.” Ouyang said that because the children were making slow, she did not stop sending messages in the circle of friends. “I sent out the news of making handmade tissue boxes for disabled children. Not only did a lot of loved ones help to forward them, but many people ordered me.” Ouyang said, “Thank you for your love, they let the children taste the labor. The joy of giving children a sense of accomplishment, building confidence and embodying their own values."

This week, the teachers and children continued to be busy again. "The Dandelion Volunteer League has a charity auction on January 15th, inviting us to participate. We are trying to get the children to make a few more tissue boxes, so that the children will also have a little income before." Ouyang said.

"To carry out this activity, on the one hand, we want to do our utmost to help the families in need, and on the other hand, we want to appeal to everyone to contribute their love together." The relevant person in charge of the Xiangtan Food and Beverage Industry Association introduced that the event began on January 22nd. The first batch of 50,000 boxes of love paper towels were provided by Huaxin Real Estate, a love enterprise, and there are currently more than 30 restaurants participating in the event. Every time you use a box of such love paper towels, the restaurant will donate 0.1 yuan of love money to the Xiangtan City Catering Industry Association Love Help Fund for the help of poor rural families. The person in charge said that after the first batch of love tissue boxes are sold out, the activities will continue. At that time, they will determine the list of good helpers and use the funds for fixed-point assistance.