Where is the car acrylic tissue box placed?
writer:xbdisplay           time:2019-07-17 21:50:51

Acrylic tissue box can be said to be an indispensable item in every car, but where it is placed, it has brought a lot of trouble to many car owners and friends. It must be beautiful and convenient, and it must be safe without affecting driving.

Let's first take a look at what the driver's friends usually have:

1, directly thrown in the center console and easy to slip, usually a turn to bend a hard co-pilot, an acrylic tissue box. And it is easy to block the line of sight, posing a potential danger to safe driving.

2, put the glove box, although this is a bit troublesome to use, but as long as it is not used during driving, it is generally desirable, but the owner of the glove box has more space tools to find a way to store tools.

3, stuck on the visor, if this method is recommended to be placed above the passenger seat, so the driver's line of sight will be better. However, if the space inside the car is small for a long time, it will give people a sense of oppression, and the use of a heavy load on the sun visor for a long time will result in the sun visor becoming loose and the sun visor falling easily.

4, directly throwing the back seat, put the armrest box, the storage slot under the side door. These ways are obviously helpless, there is no fixed placement to find a circle every time. It is a convenience in itself, but it is a trouble.

15 students have recommended employment

“The production of acrylic tissue boxes has made many children feel fulfilled and their temper has been honed a lot.” Ouyang said, “The students are very annoyed when they learn to make a tissue box. If they do it for a few minutes, they will lose their temper and think that they will not learn. I throw the tool aside, but when others learn to earn money, she has to learn, learn and be annoyed, so iterate over and over again for a month or two. It is a pleasure to see that Xiaohua can now complete the tissue box under the guidance of the teacher. The production will not be very instigating."