Where can acrylic sheets be used?
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Where can acrylic sheets be used? Dongguan acrylic sign manufacturers

1. Building applications: window, soundproof windows and doors, lighting hood, telephone booth, etc.;

2, advertising applications: light boxes, signs, signs, display racks, etc.;

3, traffic applications: trains, cars and other vehicle doors and windows;

4, medical applications: baby incubators, all kinds of surgical medical equipment, civilian supplies: bathroom facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, aquariums, etc.;

5, industrial applications: instrument surface plates and covers, etc.;

6, lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp covers, and so on.

Application areas: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, clubs, villas, museums, medical, education, catering, exhibitions, etc.

Application areas: ceilings, integrated ceilings, partitions, screens, sliding doors, transparent walls, hotel furniture, office furniture, bar counters, lighting, chandeliers, signs, signs, floors, landscapes, etc.

Acrylic sheet has crystal-like transparency, and the light transmittance is over 92%. The light is soft and the vision is clear. Acrylic dyed with dye has a good color development effect. Acrylic sheet

The wear resistance is close to aluminum, the stability is good, and it is resistant to various chemicals.