What is the price of acrylic cabinet door panels?
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What is the price of acrylic cabinet door panels?

Acrylic cabinet door panels are a popular new type of door panel in the market. The cabinet door panels made of acrylic material cost about 1,500 yuan. Because acrylic is a popular material at present, the price on the market is higher. The acrylic cabinet door has strong anti-pollution ability, it is easy to clean, and it will not be deformed for a long time. The four-side seal is better, so don't worry about it. tide.

In fact, the acrylic plate is plexiglass. Acrylic sheets are often used as cabinet door materials. Compared with traditional materials, the percent version of pure acrylic sheet has the incomparable personality of other materials. The use of acrylic sheets as cabinet doors is not only beautiful and durable, but also environmentally friendly.

The advantages of acrylic sheet are high transparency, low turbidity, good processing performance, excellent weather resistance, high temperature, ultraviolet light, strong sunlight, solvent resistance and common chemicals;

Xiao Yan also tells you that factory-made custom showcases are more advantageous than traditional on-site production.

1. Quality assurance

A: The standard is high and the fineness is good: just like the furniture produced by the furniture factory, in any case, it is better than the hand-made furniture on the spot. There is no difference in the quality between the factory-made products and the high-end furniture on the market.

B: Effective quality assurance: after cold pressing of de-cooling press, precision sliding table saw cutting, planing, double-row drilling, sharding, baseting, etc., finally to spray paint Shanghai paint, are a series of High level of work.

2. Environmental protection: The traditional manual operation, especially the paint process, not only does not guarantee the quality of the operation on site, but also leaves a lot of harmful gases in the construction process, and it can not be effectively played.

3. Shorten the construction period: Because a large amount of work in the factory production has been transferred to the factory, and only a small part of the work is produced in the future, it is more time-consuming than the traditional manual work, and the construction period is greatly shortened.

4. Material saving: Due to the precision and standard of the machine, the factory-made custom showcase can achieve almost 90% material utilization, which is impossible to achieve in manual field operations.