Xiongbu display Acrylic Signs Entering Guizhou Market to Create “New Signage” in Southwest China
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Xiongbu display Acrylic Sign Manufacturers Entering Guizhou Market to Create “New Signage” in Southwest China

Since its establishment in 2005, Xiongbu has been adhering to the service concept of “integrity, quality, service and efficiency”. After nearly 12 years of continuous efforts and innovation, it has unique innovative thinking, exquisite craftsmanship and efficient service. And the high-quality identification and signage products have been recognized by the market and recognized by the peers. Nowadays, the display of acrylic signs has become the leading supplier of signage signs in South China, and has brought the most intimate sign processing for customers from all walks of life. Production service.

As a professional manufacturer of signage signs, Xiongbu's vision of displaying acrylic signs is to serve customers in South China. Guiyang is the second service market for Xiongbu to display acrylic signs. Xiongbu displayed the acrylic signage through cooperation with the “Poly Regal Hotel” in Guizhou and the “Chishui Danxia World Heritage Application Project in Chishui City”, which enabled Xiongbu to display the acrylic sign to have a preliminary understanding of the Guizhou market. After that, through a series of market research and in-depth understanding of the market, Xiongbu showed that the acrylic sign company decided to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guiyang in 2017, and strived to use Chongqing as the center to radiate the entire southwest region and build the southwest region. New signage."

In the past two to three years, Xiongbu has shown that acrylic signs have gradually come into contact with some customers in Guizhou Province, and have been widely praised for their products and excellent services. Since 2017, Xiongbu has demonstrated that acrylic signs have begun to conduct market research on the identification and signage requirements of the Guizhou provincial market. Through sophisticated cost calculations, Xiongbu displayed acrylic signs to establish the service processes and service methods of the Guiyang market. Through the previous cooperation with Zunyi City's “Jiulian Real Estate” near Guiyang City, it has confirmed the determination of Xiongbu to display the acrylic signage to serve the Guiyang market. Xiongbu displayed the acrylic signage as “Jiulian Real Estate” as “Jiulian·Lailing Mountain Water”, providing a complete set of guiding system signage design, including the navigation map signboard of metal combined with acrylic lighting type, metal The multi-directional indication signage, the spiritual fortress of the metal plus luminous word combination representing the project image, and the stainless steel internal luminous characters of the project name, etc., design, manufacture and installation of all the identification signs. In less than a year, Xiongbu demonstrated that acrylic signs have successfully signed a number of large-scale well-known brand customers in Guizhou market. It can explain from some aspects that Xiongbu shows the strength of acrylic signs in the production of signage signs.

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Indoor and outdoor digital printing and printing equipment, photo machine, UV flatbed printer, banner machine, cold heading machine, feeder, laminating machine, printing machine, heat transfer machine, screen printing equipment, digital imaging technology output equipment, etc.; Inkjet photo inks and inkjet printing cloth, body stickers, sticky notes, cold laminating film, reflective materials, photo paper and other advertising supplies