where to customize acrylic cosmetics display rack is good
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Beautiful crushes who love shopping and love makeup. If you pay attention, you will see the previous cosmetic glass display cabinets, which are mostly replaced by acrylic cosmetic display racks. Why? Acrylic is an indispensable environmentally friendly material for the production of cosmetics showcases. It has superb processing performance, a wide variety, rich colors, crystal and translucent, exquisite and flawless. It gives a finishing touch to cosmetics and gives your store a refreshing look. , A luxurious atmosphere. It is this visual effect that makes cosmetics promotion work smoother and greatly improves store performance. If you want to make cosmetics more attractive, then you can't do without cosmetic showcases with acrylic materials. The following article explains the related information of acrylic display stand, acrylic display stand brand, and acrylic display stand price as a reference.

At present, there are many brands in China's acrylic market, and prices vary greatly. So what are the well-known brands? In terms of acrylic boards, on the domestic market, imported boards, Taiwan-funded boards, and domestic boards account for most of the acrylic boards. Mitsubishi of Japan and Degussa of Germany are the main supports for domestic acrylic imports. Mitsubishi and Germany inherently have excellent transparency, excellent weather resistance, excellent processing performance and comprehensive performance, and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. In terms of cosmetic acrylic display cabinets, Dongguan Xiongbu Display Products Co., Ltd. is second to none. Since its establishment in the Mainland in 2009, it has more than 20 years of production and operation history. The existing plant is more than 6,000 square meters. It is a factory specializing in the production of acrylic cosmetic display racks and supporting products. The entire factory has existing employees and professional management. There are more than 300 employees. The company's management philosophy is "people-oriented, scientific management, quality leadership, customer trust". The company has passed "ISO9001-2008 quality management system, C-TPAT anti-terrorism, social responsibility and other certifications". Cooperating partners.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic (ACRYLIC) new three-dimensional material luminous characters is a special organic glass. Because of its excellent toughness and good light transmittance, it was used to manufacture the windshield of the aircraft and the sight glass of the tank in the early days. The surface of modern acrylic material is coated with high-strength ultraviolet absorber and has a variety of colors. It is colorful at night and has strong penetrating power. It is resistant to sunlight and rain, and has a service life of more than ten years. It is currently the most popular in the world. One of the outdoor signboard manufacturing materials. In the prosperous business districts of international metropolises such as Paris, New York, and Tokyo, the bright silhouettes of acrylic logo products can be seen everywhere, adding infinite charm to the brand image of countless internationally renowned enterprises.

In China, the use of acrylic signboard products is still in its early stages, but with the demonstration use of McDonald’s, Kentucky and other internationally renowned companies, more and more companies in Shanghai and Beijing are fond of using acrylic as a panel material. Built-in light source identification products.