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Three lattice transparent acrylic food box customization

Release time:2023-11-20 Page view:39

Product Name: acrylic food box

Style: transparent three grid test

Size: three grid standard size

Packaging method: safety packaging

Delivery method: Logistics

Can you make other styles?

Yes, we can provide our business with drawings, samples, or wechat or face-to-face description of the product appearance and size you want, and we can help you customize the acrylic food box you want.

How is this acrylic food box made?

Our production master will open the standard material size according to the standard size we designed before, and then take the material that needs polishing to polish. Then it is bonded and formed, and then the box and the cover are bonded and connected together with a hard and unbreakable hinge to form a finished product, and then it is wiped clean after the glue is dried, packed and put into the warehouse for shipment.

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